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The Start of Stoic Crypto Investing

This is the official start of the Stoic Crypto Investing Blog that is going to have all different crypto topics and will enable you to invest confidently in the crypto market.

The Purpose of Stoic Crypto Investing

The Purpose of Stoic Crypto Investing is to help people that are new to the crypto market. I chose this topic because I have been in the crypto market since 2017 and have made some losses but mainly significant gains with investing in crypto. After sharing my crypto experience with other people, I realized that people would be ready to invest in crypto, but they would usually have the following problems that they would not take action:

  • They fear that they lose their money
  • They think it is too much work
  • They have no clue where to start

The goal of Stoic Crypto Investing is to exactly help those people to get safely into crypto and give them the proper mindset that is required in the market.


Additionally, there is the goal of combining the whole investing experience with a stoic mindset. This is significant because you stay calm when prices are high you tend to get greedy and invest money you don’t have for example, or when the price fall it can cause fair, and you sell too quickly.

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