What is stoicism and its purpose?

Stoicism is an old Greek philosophy that is very practical in real life today, even though the philosophy is ancient. The main purpose of stoicism is to minimize negative emotions and focus more on joy and gratitude. This is done by multiple mindfulness practices and value-based life.

4 Virutues of stoicism

There are 4 important virtues that are lived by every stoic:

  • Courage
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • Wisdom

Nobody has respect for the person that does not have an opinion or just can be easily run over. This is the reason why the stoics live with Courage. It enables stoics to go where they want to go and achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Don’t be a coward that does not take risks

Stoics act with Justice accordingly they do what is right to do. They treat other people like they would like to be treated

“Do the right things the rest does not matter”

Markus Aurelius

Another value is Temperance, which means having the right balance and doing nothing in excess. Not drinking or smoking too much or having too much sexual pleasure. It also means that the other virtues like Courage and Justice are in balance. You cannot be too courageous because then you risk too much, but not risking at all does also not work.

Wisdom is the last important virtue of the stoic. They seek to learn more all the time to understand the world better in which they live.

Practices of stoicism

Some of the most common practices of stoicism are the following:

  • negative visualization
  • Being aware of what you can control and what not
  • suffering in silence
  • respond to insults with humor
  • don’t speak too much of yourself
  • reflect your days
  • learning consistently

In my opinion are “negative visualization”, “being aware of what you can control and what not”, and “learning constantly” some of the most important practices in stoicism.

Negative visualization allows you in every situation to find something you are thankful for and it also tells you that you are going to DIE. This is the case because if you feel down and depressed, you can still be thankful that you are alive and have the opportunity to change.

The next important practice is being aware of things you can control and things you cannot control. There are to be accurate 3 states of control.

  • Having total control (You have total control over yourself)
  • Having some control but not all (You can’t control if other people like you, but you have the control to like somebody or not)
  • You have no control (You can’t stop crypto prices from decreasing or increasing)

Being aware of your control gives you a lot of power because you stop caring about things you can’t control.

As soon as you realize you control yourself completely, you also realize that you can always react in the way you want. If somebody does not like you, you just don’t care because you can’t completely control if somebody likes you or not.

The last practice that I personally find important is learning consistently. You can always improve yourself and find new meaning and joy in life. Education is one of the best ways to reach that. You understand the world better, you are more useful for other people and you have more control over your life because you can more quickly see things that are to or false

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